I’ve been working a lot of overtime hours, plus I got a (pretty nice) yearly bonus from work last week. While I’m being wild and crazy and…putting most of this extra money right back into my mortgage…I decided I could buy myself a few treats this weekend (even if none were a sequined blazer…).

Food treats. Nuts that aren’t peanuts or almonds? I really did go all out! I also bought another artichoke, because last week’s was such a treat.

A dress. Cute, cheap and insanely comfortable. If I’m going to wear a dress, those are the only conditions under which I will do so.

Reading material. You know any shopping spree of mine has to involve books.

Nail polish. Because, between this and the dress, sometimes I do feel like a girl.

Wall primer. The dried-blood-red wall is gone. I’ll take white-ish and splotchy over that any day. I also bought the actual paint–it’s just not up yet.

Coffee treats. My arm looks freaky in this picture. I don’t know what sort of angle was going on. Anyhoo, tall soy latte! And a refilled coffee card that will cover a few more morning treats.

How do you treat yourself?