I’m taking a long weekend and going to visit the parents. Why? This house-owning, job-doing, regular-clothes-wearing, garden-making, normal-conversation-having, food-cooking and all around general adult responsibility has me worn out. I want (need) a break!

I get to go be (something of a) kid and turn off my phone, let someone else cook for me, take too many naps, lay out in the sun, read ’til my eyes bleed and just plain old check out until Monday.

P.S. These two dudes have been hanging out together in my garden the past three mornings. This can only mean one thing–I have a resident gay jay couple. Fabulous!

My lovely blogging friend Fran pointed out that male and female bluejays look alike, so it turns out I just have a resident jay couple. Still fabulous, just not quite as fabulous…