Fact: It’s Friday.

Fact: I washed my hair last Friday. I haven’t washed it since.

Fact: Kristina is brilliant. Her recipes sound and look so good that I have to try them, and, while IĀ  may not have a grill, it turns out that grilled broiled romaine lettuce is still pretty spectacular (as are her jalapeno margaritas).

Fact: There is something super-secret and super-awesome in my yard. Stay tuned for Monday!

Fact: I ate from my garden for the first time last night! I thinned my turnips and had some lovely sauteed young greens (with a side of non-homegrown raw beet slaw). It’s officially summer.

Fact: I’m excited to spend the weekend painting and cleaning up around the house. And maybe, maybe going furniture shopping (It would be nice to have a chair or two…).

Fact: I think this is what car cupholders were really designed to hold. Bell pepper plant, anyone?

Fact: It’s still Friday!

Have any great (big or small) weekend plans?