Wow, I love all the responses I got to my chicken post–you ladies are great! And no worries for those who are interested–I can assure you that many (many) more posts about chickens/chicken-owning will be headed your way. But today let’s take a step away from the domestic(ation of fowl) and toward, well, the domestic.

(Where) I Ate Wednesday

Remember what my kitchen looked like right before I bought my house? No? How about this reminder:

Now, don’t get me wrong: I love blood red walls, outdated window hangings, awkward furniture placement and knotty pine cabinetry as much as the next gal. However I really thought a different look might be more appropriate for me…

It still needs a few personal touches–but now I can cook fresh quality food, entertain in style and enjoy meals while sitting at a table with a proper place setting.

Or I can put in all the hard work needed to redo a kitchen…and then microwave a frozen dinner and sit on the patio…