Well, where did this month go? Or the past week, for that matter?

Maybe it went into excitement over homegrown veggies…

I have a great plan for the next month. A goal? I guess you could call it that. I love my personal/internal life, but sometimes it’s just that–too personal and internal. So to take the first move out of my casual comfort zone, my goal for June is to…

Care about my appearance.

Step One: Dress like an adult who isn’t homeless. While I don’t typically put much stock in appearance, hate the mall and have many (many) things I would rather spend money on than clothes, getting a little excited about getting dressed starts the day right, encourages me to leave the house and certainly can’t hurt at work (where I’m unfortunately known for showing up in too-casual jeans, sneakers and floppy flannel shirts/old track jackets).

Sub-goals? No gym clothes outside of the gym. Throw away all clothes that are over five years old, look like they’re over five years old, don’t fit (and never have), have holes and/or are covered in paint. Plan outfits the night before rather than throwing on whatever is on top of clean clothes piles.

Track jackets are for chicken-holding purposes only!

Step Two: Do something with my hair. Like wash it. And perhaps use “product” and a “hairdryer.” And figure out some sort of “style.”

Step Three: Learn how to wear makeup. I have mascara and eyeliner. Which I’m sure I’ve put on my face at some point in my life. But all the other stuff? Toner, primer, moisturizer, foundation, powder–are those words even English? It doesn’t help that any Google searches for “beginner makeup advice” are ultimately geared towards 13 year old girls. I guess I missed that bus by…twelve years. At least I still have the zits? Wait, no, after high school I believe they become “blemishes.”

Step Four: Accessorize. And extra hair elastics around my wrist don’t count.

TL;DR? I’m a mess. I’m going to stop being a mess. For one month.

What’s your best looking-like-an-adult advice/resources?