I’m leaving for a long weekend in NYC. I’m looking forward to big buildings, tasty food and visiting an old friend. This is also a great weekend to get out of town, as the CMA Fest is going on here and making things a little too hecticΒ  (and a little too country) for my tastes.

So while I’m gone, I’m going to leave you with…my face. Because yesterday, as part of my get it together June, I wore makeup. On my face. All day.

Before (please ignore the insanity hair).


Here’s what I added.

I stuck to simple, because I have no idea what I’m doing. While the tinted moisturizer evened out all my redness (which is typically more pronounced than in the first picture) and made my skin seem so bright and soft,after half a day it had killed the already dry skin around my mouth. I’ll definitely use this product again, as I think it looks great and it doesn’t feel heavy at all, but it’s definitely not all-day-wear for my skin, just few-hour-event-wear (my oilier forehead and nose were still great at the end of the day though. How fun is combination skin?!? That was sarcasm).

My thoughts? Awww, I look purdy! Or a little bit crazy. Or both? I’ll take that. And it is nerve-wracking to put together a post that is pretty much just…your face. I did have fun with this and am excited to experiment and find what will work best.

Any opinions/product recommendations/advice?

I’ll be back on Wednesday with tales of big city adventures. Such as playing board games with best friends, watching Prometheus and tracking down delicious Dim Sum. What, that’s what everyone does in New York, right?