I’m (reluctantly) home from New York City. I don’t think I’m ever ready to leave–especially when a stay in that fabulous city is combined with good times and great friends.


My friends live in beautiful Jackson Heights–an area of Queens that is simply full of gardens and plant-lined streets (and has the added bonus of being all of two miles away from the airport). After I arrived we went to the Museum of the Moving Image and met up with a college friend for a Polish pierogie-filled dinner and for watching the oh-so-amazing Prometheus at the Times Square AMC theater.


I woke up early and checked out a nearby Farmer’s Market and book sale. When the rest of the gang got up, we explored Chinatown (an essential part of any NYC trip for me) and shopped for furniture (among other things) and found a not-sure-if-I-like seat (loveseats are so last year). Add in a healthy dose of board games, friend time and simply taking in the sights.


I simply suffered through a solo-time morning of reading in Manhattan parks and shopping Fifth Ave stores while my friend was at work. We met up and concluded the day with some more shopping. As it should be.

The trip wasn’t long enough–it never is–and I hope I get the chance to go again before next summer. I love the sights, the people, the action, the feeling, the walking, the shopping, the eating–everything. Tune in tomorrow for Part Two: The Food!