Facts for Friday

From last weekend.

  • My dad bought a Ducati and is now officially cooler than I can ever hope to be. Thank goodness my mom still tries to “get to that facepage by going through youtubes,” or I’d really have to do a self-reevaluation.
  • I signed up for online dating, and, after three dates, I’m done dating for the next two years again. The dates went fine, I just remembered how much I like not going on dates/interacting with guys and reading instead.
  • My garden has gone insane. I spent last night digging up my turnips and steaming and freezing all the tubers and greens. Tubers and Greens would be a great name for a band of singer-songwriters.

  • I may be signing up for a 5k. Ohhh do I hate running. If it wasn’t a really really good friend’s choice of birthday activity (is this girl crazy??), it definitely wouldn’t be happening.
  • I am excited to go watch Magic Mike tomorrow night, and there is no shame in that.
  • I had a dream that involved carrying a giant gecko around all night. Now I want a pet gecko.

Not my gecko (or my picture), but I wish it was.

What’s a fact about your life you’d like to share?