My 4th was nothing spectacular–in a good way. I lazed around the house, dragged myself to the mall to buy a dress and a way-too-graphic tee for (tomorrow’s!!) trip to ATL and did a lot of reading. While fireworks and fruit salad-in-a-watermelon have somewhat lost their zazzle for me, one thing that I’ll still get excited about is eggplant. See what I did there with that transition?

My green beans, zukes and cukes have all reached their peak and died down, but my eggplant…plants are just now hitting their stride.

Sauteed with chili powder and cumin and served alongside a vegan “chorizo” link.

Simmered in veg broth, served over pasta and topped with a very healthy serving of spicy peanut sauce.

I know I promised real camera pictures, but, well, there you have it.

Did you have a good holiday? Know of any great ways to use eggplant (other than breading and frying/baking)?