I’m back from a long weekend spent house-sitting, and am reluctantly participating in the real world once again. While I did my fair share of reading, napping and sunning as planned, my plans of wildly creative cookingΒ  may or may not have fallen through. Why is that? Because I ended up eating breakfast. For every meal. 14 meals in a row. I wish I was exaggerating. No I don’t. I love breakfast.

Breakfast Bonanza

It started innocently enough when I found three boxes of my favorite cereal in a cabinet. Yes, Shredded Wheat N’ Bran is my favorite cereal. Don’t judge. Or do. I’ll eat it anyway. Especially with a giant blob of fresh almond butter.

Then I found buckwheat pancake mix in the fridge (yeah, it was in the fridge…). I mixed in a bunch of pureed zucchini from the garden, because life’s just better when you can pretend stuff-smothered-in-maple-syrup is extra-healthy.

The fridge yielded more weird non-refrigerator-necessary things–this time in the form of a bag of vital wheat gluten. I whipped up my favorite vegan breakfast patties and enjoyed them with some black bean and fresh-from-the-garden-corn hash.

There were a lot of zucchinis in the garden, so of course a breakfast, lunch and dinner of whole-grain-goodness healthy zucchini muffins was necessary.

And more zucchini. Form of…zucchini and tofu scramblers.

You would think that after rotating through variations on the above for every meal, I’d get home and enjoy a big bowl of salad, pasta or other daytime-acceptable food. Nope. I immediately took myself out for a treat–a vegan breakfast scone from Whole Foods. For lunch.

Could you eat breakfast for every meal? I already miss pancakes. Which could be remedied by the simple purchase of a $20 nonstick pan. But really, why make life too easy? Maybe I’ll go get a bagel for lunch…