If you haven’t started singing Elton John in your head after reading that title, I don’t know if we can be friends. (Okay, we can still be friends, I just won’t invite you to my Elton John karaoke nights. Not that I’ve ever had an Elton John karaoke night. I don’t even like karaoke. But I’d do it for Elton John.)

And now on to the actual point of this post (Elton John wasn’t it??). I’ve been feeling the blogging world love lately. Stacie and Sophie passed on lovely blog awards. Jane veganized her chia pan bread (chia tortilla!) so I could give it a try, and Laura waved her magic smoothie wand and created an amazing oatmeal raisin cookie shake after I suggested that such a thing should exist. And of course the best part of blogging is always the great comments I get each and every day! Cheesy enough for you?

So back to that oatmeal raisin cookie shake? I made it for breakfast this morning. Shakes and I have a history of mutual okay-ness. I like them, they taste good, but then I usually slurp one down and immediately start looking for the food. Come now, drink isn’t a meal. Or is it?

The combination of thick smoothie with protein, banana and oatmeal makes this something you eat, not drink. And holy shebangles, it is just like eating a cup full of oatmeal cookie dough. I don’t mean similar, I mean exactly like. I had that post-half-the-batch-0f-dough-didn’t-make-it-to-the-oven guilt feeling all morning. Without the guilt. And three hours later? I’m still not hungry.

Served in a wine glass, because who doesn’t want wine for breakfast? they are the only slightly classy (read: non-plastic) cups I own.

And guess who has some carrots sitting in her fridge, just ready to be made into Laura’s carrot cake batter shake? I may just become a smoothie/shake convert…

What’s your opinion on shakes/smoothies? Have a favorite shake recipe? I do now!