You know that meme that floated around awhile ago, where you sort of get a sneak peek into someone’s life when they post the contents of their purse? Well, I’m going to post the contents of something closer to my heart. Something that I would carry around with me all day, if I could. What is that, you ask? My fridge.

Top Shelf

  • Prepped lunches to take to work
  • Garlic and onion: I’m way too lazy to mince my own garlic–plus the jarred version lasts forever
  • Lemon: I’ve rekindled my love of lemon in water
  • Carrots: If you read yesterday’s post, you know what these are being saved for

Veggies usually overflow my fridge, but, since it’s summer, I grab most of what I need straight from the garden.

Second Shelf

  • Coffee: I really only make coffee about once a week, but I couldn’t say no when this huge container was crazily on sale
  • Almond milk: An essential
  • Seltzer water. A summer essential
  • Protein powder. Let’s not judge my ridiculous amounts of protein powder

Confession: Out of drink mix shame and aesthetic reasoning, I took another bag of protein powder out of the fridge for this photo.

The Freezer

  • Frozen garden overflow: Okra, turnips, peppers
  • Frozen homemade veggie sausage
  • Giant bag of frozen mixed fruit; My absolute favorite snack in this heat
  • Frozen tamale: A very tasty and still pretty healthy option for lazy-day-emergencies

Refrigerator Door

  • Vitamins: Gummy multivitamins (aka my daily candy), Vitamin D, Iron
  • Condiments: Sriracha, ketchup, mustard, rice vinegar
  • Almond products: Whole almonds, almond flour, almond butter
  • Flours (in the fridge because Tennessee=ants): Buckwheat flour, spelt flour, chickpea flour, coconut flour
  • Chia seeds in a kombucha bottle: Because I can think of no better way to use kombucha than to dump that stuff down the drain and put something else in the bottle–apologies to the kombucha lovers of the world
  • Raisins

What’s in your fridge?

Have a great weekend!