This weekend involved a few personal revelations and a lot of motivation. One of the results? The decision to up my protein intake (and my gym efforts–more on that later this week) and do that thing where you eat regular meals at regular intervals and include balanced ingredients and stuff. Yes, stuff. I figured I’d share Day One, show my successes and failures, and provide (and ask for) some ideas of where/how to sneak some in.

The Plan, Man

I have my whole week charted out, but let’s just start with yesterday.

Breakfast: 4:30 am. 32g.

That’s what I time I wake up. On Sundays.

You’d wake up then, too, if you got chocolate pudding and banana for breakfast.

Snack #1: 7:30 am. 20g.

I don’t consider this “health” food, but I do consider a Sunday treat that just so happens to have protein.

Snack #2: 10:45 am. 9g.

Frozen fruit and pumpkin seeds. Perfect for snacking on while reading on my patio.

Lunch: 1:00 pm. 24g.

I inhaled a huge bowl of tofu scramblers with sauteed onion, portobella mushroom and collard greens. Next time I (might) pause for the camera.

Evening Snack: 3:30 pm. 23g.

I straight killed it at the gym–the fact that Olympic female power-lifting was on at the time may have helped.

Unfortunately I didn’t think I was that hungry right after (plus lunch was a lot of food), so I changed the plan and just had a protein shake. Never change the plan. I was woozy with real food hunger 30 minutes later.

Dinner: 5:30 pm. 19g.

I somehow managed to wait two hours for this. It was not an easy two hours.

A protein-ful PB&J involving sunflower seed butter, sprouted bread and homemade chia-berry jam for a protein-kick of a kid’s favorite.

PM snack: 6:30 pm. 5g.

This wasn’t on the schedule either, but being a dumb-bum and not eating real food left me still hungry, so I had another slice of bread and jam. Since this was as late as I could wait (and no, that’s not very late), you can bet I was starving when I woke up this morning.

Grand Total: 132g of Protein.

And that’s a grand total of suck it to all those, “But how do you get enough protein as a vegan?” folk. (I love you omnivores, just not such a fan of those omnivores.)

Have you ever planned out a week of meals? Favorite protein sources? Any interest in seeing the rest of my daily protein efforts for the week?