Yesterday is being written off in terms of fitness and diet. I still got 104g of protein, but it wasn’t balanced or well-spaced, and I ended the day a little frustrated. So yesterday? Failure. Today? Success. I can feel it.

So rather than focus on food and fitness, let’s step outdoors. This was my first year with a garden, so I planted a little of everything to see what does and doesn’t work.


  • Corn. I got two ears total out of a fairly large patch.
  • Beets. But I knew they wouldn’t grow around here. It was just wishful thinking…
  • Bell peppers. This was an unexpected failure, as banana peppers grow like weeds around here.
  • Zucchini. The plants grow, blossom, then the leaves turn white and and the plants die off. A few surviving leaves in the center start the process again. Which, if you’ll note, stops just short of “produces a zucchini.”
  • Collard greens. Okay, they grow brilliantly, but even I, with a fairly strong stomach for bugs, am having issues with the caterpillars and all sorts of squishy creepy-crawlers that love munching on things in the cabbage family.

I do not approve of hanky-panky on my collards greens.


  • Okra. I love okra.
  • Beans. Green beans and pole beans took off.
  • Tomatoes. I can pick at least two cups’ worth of cherry tomatoes per day.
  • Turnips. I have a freezer full of turnips, and I thinned out my second planting last night. They may not be my favorite vegetable, but they grow like crazy, and that means free greens and veggies.

Success OR Failure?

I cut my elbow with a knife while chopping basil. And didn’t realize it until I saw blood all over the floor. I can’t tell if that’s a epic failure at life, or if my clumsiness skills have reached a high point of success…