You know how WordPress gives you those top search terms for your blog? Well, one of mine for the day is “crispy chicken burger patties recipe.” I have a feeling they didn’t find what they were looking for. Especially since Monday featured an entirely vegan day of mega protein, and I’m back today with another effort. I’m ramping up my protein intake to meet ramped up gym efforts–I’m going to talk more about the how and why of that at some point this week–and I want to share easy ways to add a few extra grams (although of course the grand total is more than average-ly needed).

Today’s post also happily lines up with WIAW: The Summer Staples, since (A) this is what I ate and (B) it includes lots of fresh and in-season goodies from my garden.

Breakfast: 4:00 am. 20g.

(Oats + Hemp Protein + Nooch)

Green mush in a green bowl? Savory oats are delicious, looks aside. Starting the day with a simple, non-sweet and filling bowl of carbs and protein was the right choice.

Mid-Morning: 7:30 am. 25g.

(Green Protein + Banana + Garden Fresh Collard Greens)

I promise, some of today’s food involves more than containers-with-green-stuff. Don’t let the looks and the simple ingredients fool you, this was delicious with just the right amount of sweet.

Lunch: 11:00 am. 14g.

(Red Lentils + Curry Spices + Garden Fresh Eggplant, Tomato and Okra)

See? I promised there was variety! Container-with-brown-stuff.

Mid-Afternoon: 2:00pm. 19g.

(Chickpeas + Nooch + Garlic + Garden Fresh Basil and Tomato)

I know, I know–more green, but this? This is spectacular. I spread this dip on a couple slices of toast, and it was like pizza. Or power-bruschetta at the very least.

Dinner: 5:00 pm. 35g.

(Homemade Seitan + Portobello + Onion + Garden Fresh Peppers)

I went to AJ’s for trashy TV shows and best friend time and made deconstructed fajitas that were at least acceptable to the non-vegan, non-protein-crazy palate.

Dessert: 8:00 pm. 21g.

(Tofu + Protein…Eaten Near a Garden)

Pudding in a tea cup? I am the embodiment of class. Just don’t look at the old plastic containers I dump everything else in…

Grand Total: 134g of Protein.

While this wasn’t as photogenic of a day as Monday, every one of these meals was delicious, doable, and full of protein! I felt great by the end of the day, and any set-backs were minor ones.