Fact: Power outages are my new best friend. Falling asleep at 8pm because there is absolutely nothing else to do? Turns out you wake up feeling really refreshed.

Fact: While multi-tasking in the morning to save time is a great idea, putting on socks while peeing just isn’t possible. Trust me.

And the great mega-protein reveal:

Fact: I’ve started training and eating to get a figure competitor’s body, and, perhaps, to compete somewhere down the line. Holy shebangles this is going be a lot of work, but I can do it. Right?? (Plus who doesn’t want an excuse for a bedazzled bikini?)

I have to admit I’ve been nervous to admit this to anyone, but my best friend helped by being insanely excited and supportive–above and beyond the reaction I expected (I know she’ll love and support anything I do, but I also know she’ll be honest with me). Admitting to it meansΒ I want to do it. Admitting to it meansΒ I can do it. Admitting to it means I have to stick with it. Admitting to it means I can’t just back out from reaching a goal I really want, like I’ve done so often.

I’m small, but I’m fit, and I want that next level. I love strong sexy women with crazy muscles, and, while it still seems like an unattainable dream, I’m slowly convincing myself that…

Fact: I can be that strong sexy woman with the crazy muscles.

I’m starting small, but we all have to start somewhere. Preferably without crazy post-gym hair, but you can’t win ’em all…

How do you find the motivation to stick with your really big goals?