I revealed yesterday why I’ve been posting about and consuming tons of vegan protein. And, slowly, I’m figuring out the diet (by that I mean “eating habits,” not, “on a diet”) that’s going to work for me so I can achieve my goals. (And oh. my. gosh. you ladies are so amazing and supportive! I can’t believe all the positive and “yeah, go for it!” comments I got, it totally made my day and made me even happier with my decision.)

Lesson #1: Mega-protein on a vegan diet? Doable! As evidenced here and in Wednesday’s and Monday’s posts.

Breakfast: 4:00am. 26g.

A theoretical coffee-chocolate smoothie.

This…I won’t lie…was the most gag-worthy smoothie ever. Plus I tried to make it a green smoothie, which I know never works with my Magic Bullet. Despite sending green smoothies through the blender multiple times, they always have nasty soggy chunks of green. I’ll leave smoothie-recipe-creation to the pros.

Mid-Morning: 7:15am. 27g.

My really quick bread with applesauce and almonds. Classily presented to you…at my desk and on a plastic bag.

Yes, that’s baby food. No, I’m not crazy–I need the jars for a craft project I have in mind, so I might as well eat the contents, too. This meal was a great post-workout filler (smoothies will not cut it after a legs day).

Lunch: 10:00 am. 29g.

Protein-and-greens pancakes. I need to stop putting green food in/on green dishes.

Yum. Pancakes. That’s all I need to say about that.

Lunch: 1:00 pm. 22g.

Tempeh and zucchini, doused in balsamic vinegar.

I’ll eat anything drowned in balsamic vinegar. You could probably cook all these ingredients, but I love the crunch of raw zuke and taste of raw tempeh.

Dinner: 4:15pm. 23g.

Hemp and chickpea flatbread.

You had to know I was going to fit socca into my life somehow. With a giant tomato, basil and collard green salad.

Dessert: 6:45 pm.

Frozen fruit dipped in sweet cinnamon-almond-butter dip. Oh lord. It was too good to get up off the patio and go get my camera.

You are welcome for this paint rendition of a dish frozen peaches, pineapple and blueberry next to a dish of almond butter amazingness. That’s my garden in the background. In case you couldn’t tell.

Grand Total: 139g of Protein.

Off to spend the weekend shopping for junk at the 127 Yard Sale and putting together some meals and workout plans for next week.  And napping. Lots of napping.

What are your weekend plans?