I won’t lie: I’m cheap. If I can get away with not buying it/not having it, I won’t. If I can get it on sale, find it somewhere else, or comparison shop on-line, I will. What does this mean? It means free stuff makes me happy. Even happier than when I get stuff in the mail, and I get this excited about stuff in the mail:

(I also wanted to post this picture to dispel any rumors about me potentially being a cool kid.)

I’ll reveal more about those box contents later this week. Hint: It’s not fragile. Hint: It’s food.

So what has been making me even more excited than that recently?

Getting a free bunch of organic bananas in my already insanely cheap bag of bargain bananas. $0.99 for all these bananas? That’s practically free already. Plus organic? I don’t even care if bananas are one of those foods where organic doesn’t particularly matter. Free.

This pen came in the above pictured box. For free. No free item is too small to be celebrated. Cheap ballpoint pen? Don’t care, I’ll take it.

While my garden took a lot of blood, sweat and tears, I still see my garden goodies as free. A giant bag full of greens for the week? For free.

Y’all may have your fancy purses and deluxe lunchbags, but I have  a free handout from Target to shove my food for the day in. It has such qualities as handles, being free, space to hold food containers, being free, standing out in the work fridge, and, you guessed it, being free.

I got these shorts for free around Christmas. Pulled the tag off and wore them yesterday. And in doing so, revealed the power of free: Two boys hit on me at the gym. They just knew. Saw me in my booty shorts and thought, “Hey, there’s a girl that looks like she can spot a bargain.”

And the best freebie of this week? This absolutely gorgeous marble-topped dresser the world’s best friend had and didn’t need. Amount of furniture in my house? One dresser closer to, “maybe someone actually lives here and this place isn’t abandoned.” Remember how I mentioned if I can avoid buying it, I will? Turns out that applies to furniture, too. Chairs, sofas and tables are overrated.

Found a good freebie recently?