When I posted my food schedule last week, there was some bafflement about my ridiculously early wake-up time and overall schedule. So I thought, “Hey, how about a day in the life post?” But then my day started by looking like this:

And I thought, “Hey, how about a day in the life post without pictures of me?” So I broke out the MS Paint skills once again.

4:00 am: Get out of bed and immediately shovel food into my mouth (bowl of chocolate-banana-oatmeal). Add a dash of reading.

4:30 am: Get dressed, get a few things ready for the day, and read more if there are a few spare minutes.

4:55 am: Get to the gym. Wonder why I ate oatmeal for breakfast when I know it’s too filling and makes me want to hurk at the gym (but it tastes so good). Warm up for a few minutes. Lift heavy things to the best of my ability.

This was going to be me doing a deadlift, but it changed to me doing, hmm, rows maybe? I don’t actually wear lipstick to the gym. And I do tend to wear a top.

6:05 am: Somehow do nothing until 6:34 am, then frantically shower, put on clothes, feed chickens and dump prepped food into my lunch bag at the last possible minute.

6:35 am: Yodel along badly to pop and hip-hop on the radio–aka commute to work.

7:00 am: Arrive at work, eat meal 2 while setting up my computer, checking e-mail, reading blogs and generally not quite working just yet.

Yep, my office has gone with exciting color scheme of beige-on-slightly different beige. Matched by a beige smoothie. Thank goodness for neon bendy straws.

7:30 am: Actually work. Sort of. The Internet is really distracting.

10:00 am: Move to the standing desk and eat meal #3 (green pancakes).

I got lazy on this one. MS Paint is hard.

12:00 pm: Go for a walk around the office park.

I do indeed own magenta sneakers.

1:00 pm: Meal 4. What is this bowl of mystery? To be revealed tomorrow!

Or, if you can guess it, I will totally give you something cool.

3:25 pm: Get in my car and yodel my way back home.

4:00 pm: Get home, strip off work clothes, put together “dinner.”

5:00 pm: General house chores to include cleaning, food prep, laundry, etc.

Laundry is evil.

5:30 pm: Paint, craft, read, garden, watch the chickens, nap, etc.

My chickens like bread and bananas.

6:30 pm: Go for a walk, usually combined with chatting on the phone with family, friends or myself.

7:00 pm: Meal 6 (dessert) on patio with book.

8:00 pm: Back to generally entertaining myself (see 5:30 pm).

9:30 pm: Crawl into bed with a book. Read until I pass out–ranging in time from 0 minutes to 2 hours.

Of course, if it’s a friend night, sub 4:30-9:30 with “hang out with friends, options to include: arts and crafts, trashy TV, board games, and other things that the cool kids do.”

Have you done a “day in my life” post? Comment with a link!