I got two kick ass compliments at the gym this morning (in regards to my size vs. what I can and do lift)–one was even from a personal trainer! Okay, so that trainer is also an adorable 70-year-old man who thought I was 16 years old, but still. Protein plus lifting plus an up-and-coming training and diet plan? I’m on track with my goal!

Last Wednesday I brought you vegan high-protein efforts combined with Jenn’s Summer Staples WIAW. And this week? Doing it again–but featuring some protein-packed dinner ideas instead. So, clearly, I did not eat all this on Wednesday (but I did eat a lot of it on Wednesday…).

Green Pancakes. 27g.

(Hemp Protein + Garden Fresh Beet Greens)

I don’t know if pancakes are a legit dinner option, or if I was just excited that I finally remembered to take a picture of green food not on a green plate. Although the beet greens made this batch browner rather than greener. I can’t win.

Mac, Cheese and Spears. 26g.

(Quinoa + Nutritional Yeast Sauce + 1/2 a Seitan Sausage + Garden Fresh Baked Okra)

The mystery meal from yesterday. How well did I do with my Paint representation? And who didn’t love mac n’ cheese with hotdogs as a kid? Just me? I hope not, because this is an amazing healthy adult version with a mega-protein punch.

Orange-Sesame Stir Fry. 20g.

(Tempeh + Sauce + Garden Fresh Eggplants and Bell Peppers)

This was beyond delicious and had the added, if unnecessary, benefit of being an absolutely gorgeous meal. Make Sarah’s recipe right now!

Cauliflower-and-Tofu Tabbouleh. 18g.

(Cauliflower + Tofu + Chickpeas + Garden Fresh Parsley)

I’ve had my eye on Liz’s cauliflower tabbouleh for ages but wanted to add some protein to it. Would have been even better in terms of texture and protein count if I’d had the tempeh and fava beans I wanted to use on hand–Or if I hadn’t been too lazy to drive five minutes to the grocery store.

Plate of Delicious Mush. 21g.

(Red Lentils + Garden Fresh Eggplant + Spicy Peanut Sauce)

What can I say? It’s a plate of delicious mush. Delicious mush I never would have experienced if Laura hadn’t convinced me to buy peanut flour (and then inspired me with her Sriracha/peanut combo last Wednesday).

Dunker’s Delight. 39g.

(Hemp and Chickpea Flatbread + Spicy Curry “Yogurt” Sauce)

Cool yet spicy vegan sauce with a hearty flatbread that just begs to be used for scooping up generous…scoopfuls.
Have a favorite protein-packed dinner? Clearly the blog world inspired me this week, I’d love some more ideas!