I know I keep referencing it, but my goal to take my fitness to the next level and gain some serious figure-competitor-level muscle has taken center stage in my life at the moment. I got an official fitness and nutrition plan, and I’ve been pushing myself to work hard/do well at both (although I’ve been far from perfect so far).

Some of it is easy.

Like having fun trying new things at the gym. Like being pushed to be extra-creative in the kitchen. Like eating this thick and delicious spiced sweet potato protein pudding while at work.

Some of it isn’t easy.

Like not knowing if I’m even coming close to pushing myself hard enough at the gym. Like trying to find confidence that the changes I’m making will produce the results I want. Like realizing I have a goal and I actually have to stick with it. Like eating food in specific amounts on a specific schedule and having to think about when/what I’m eating to a greater degree.

Some of it is fun.

Like telling my friends and family and finding lots of support. Like telling my coworkers and finding lots of, “This skinny little kid thinks she can doΒ what??” Like having an excuse to finally buy a food scale.

This tofu weighs 4oz.

My cheap-o watch weighs 0.9oz.

This credit card offer I used to swat a fly weighs 0.8oz. Fly included.

What are the pros and cons of a goal you’re currently working on?