I had aΒ killer morning at the gym. As in, killer workout and I killed it. Maybe because I actually stayed on track with my nutrition plan yesterday? Maybe because yesterday was a rest day? Maybe because I actually slept last night? All of the above?

Anyway, it’s time for What I Ate Wednesday. These are Monday’s eats, since they are roughly the same as what I will be eating (except I’ll be following my plan successfully…) today.

I used pictures from the weekend since, while I’m eating the same things in my lunch this week, they don’t look quite as nice after being shoved into plastic tupperware. And of course, I got some major inspiration from the blog world again this week.

4:00am. Breakfast Bake.

Quinoa flakes “baked” in the microwave and topped with peanut flour sauce. Mmm. And some coffee. 4am is too early to remember to take pictures.

6:00am. Protein.

Quick post-workout gulping of protein powder + water.

7:00am. Cookie dough shake.

Oatmeal, banana, deliciousness and protein (no raisins this time, though–using a recycled pic). The perfect post-workout meal! As if I haven’t thanked Laura enough for this recipe

10:00am. Steak, bacon and gravy.


Kristina’s cauliflower steak surrounded by homemade tempeh bacon with a side of roasted okra and healthy nutritional-yeast-based “gravy.” This was so homey, filling, delicious and just plain good.

1:00pm. Plate of Delicious Mush.

Yes, I ate this last week too–and somehow didn’t get ooo’s and ahhh’s about a pile of smushy brown. So this week I paired it with lettuce. Red lentils mixed with a spicy eggplant-peanut sauce. Delicious mush.

(4:00pm. “African” Bowl.)

So this is what I should have eaten…but may or may not have skipped…I know, I know. Monday was only day 4 though! Today I will eat all my meals.

A super-basic “African” peanut soup (fresh tomatoes and onion stewed with hot pepper and peanut flour) with a side beet greens and Rooibos-steeped tempeh (if you haven’t tried marinating tempeh in tea, check out Meg’s recipe that inspired me). The stew? Amazing, simple and clean. The tempeh? Good, but I really don’t like Rooibos tea (I was trying to use up the last few leaves and figured it is “African” after all). I have some ginger-lemon tea that is just begging to participate in an Asian-based round two.

5:30. “Cream” of Broccoli Soup

Sometimes the simplest meals are the most surprising and delicious. Steamed broccoli + cashews formed the base for this soup, and I topped it with a dollop of homemade tofu sour cream. The “sour cream” made for a great cool and tangy accompaniment to the soup–but on its own? No vegan whipped cream.

8:30pm. Protein Paste.

Now doesn’t that sound appetizing? I don’t know what to call it. Part cookie dough, part batter, part, well, paste. And all delicious. New favorite one-minute-to-make “dessert.”

Protein powder + sunflower seed butter + almond milk, made into paste. And then I had a handful of cashews too–to make up for that missed meal, right?


What recipes have been inspiring you? Favorite Wednesday eats?