Sometimes the future is exciting, and sometimes it’s a little scary.

I like to keep my blog positive, because I’m positive (95% of the time), but things are a little uncertain around here. Ownership of the company I work for is shifting, and, while the bosses are outwardly telling us not to worry, it’s in a, “You should probably worry,” tone of voice. I’ve canceled my much-anticipated SF trip, as it was hinted that this might not be the best time to be away on vacation.

I don’t do stress well. I go into hermit-mode and have a hard time finding the interest in communicating with others. I stop sleeping at night (Hello, 2am), sleep every other available minute and (usually) stop eating. At least that last one is taken care of–perfect timing for my new goal and new nutrition plan–I have to eat, stressed or no!

It’s weird, being an adult and facing uncertainty. Even a year ago? Oh, well. I’d just pack up my one whole box worth of clothes, shove my comforter in my car, wave goodbye to my roommates and wish them good luck finding a new renter, and go live with the parents and work something part-time until I found a new path.

Now? I have responsibility. Like a house. That I really like. And an independent life. That I really like. Not that I don’t have enough saved to keep me going for a fair amount of time, and not that my amazing parents wouldn’t be there to help me out if things were really bad, but still. It adds a whole new level to uncertainty.

While I know everything works out in the end, and I’m slowly lifting the 50-lb weight of stress off my chest, this is a new level of adult reality I haven’t been to before. It’s likely that nothing will change, in which case I’ll be a-okay. There is a slight chance that lots of things will change. But you know what? I’ll still be a-okay. This is just one of those “adult experience” things. Fine, I’ll admit I’m growing up. A little, at least.

How do you face stress? Make it through a challenging situation that’s beyond your control?

Step one for me?

Delicious pancake breakfast (protein-filled, of course). Step two? Trashy action/horror movie marathon as soon as I get home from work. Oh yeah, I’ll be just fine.