I got so many amazing comments last Friday–you ladies are amazing, encouraging and so positive! I managed to spend the whole weekend relaxing rather than worrying–and last night? I slept the entire night! Oh yeah. Life is still uncertain, but I can live with that. Especially when my weekends look like this:

And, heck, I may get to spend a lot more time doing this for a while. Can’t say unemployment wouldn’t have it’s perks, too…

To top it off, it’s now Monday which means it’s time for another round of MMAZ with Heather!

Better With Veggies

This week’s veggie was caperberries, a food I didn’t even know existed. I mean, I know capers, but caperberries? But let me tell you, I had way too much fun with these adorable suckers. My first attempt was a deconstructed, vegan and fitness nutrition-approved version of the New York Times’ tomato and goat cheese tart recipe.

Roasted onion and tomato topped with baked socca topped with (a rather failed attempt at) Kristina’s vegan goat cheese topped with parsley and an adorably, tangy and salty caperberry. I wasn’t impressed with this as a meal, and may or may not have just picked out the socca and tomato to eat, but it sure looked cute.

You know I’m not much for presentation. On weekends I throw stuff on a plate. On weekdays I throw stuff in plastic containers. But caperberries? They sent me on a garnishing rampage.

While my “tart” was disappointing, this meal makes up for about twenty kitchen failures.Β Seitan piccata, oh my gosh, will you marry me? Homemade baked seitan dredged in seasoned chickpea flour and then pan fried, with lemon, fresh rosemary and caperberries.

Ever eaten a caperberry? What did you do with your weekend?