Yeah, yeah, these are my Sunday eats. But I’ve been repeating lots of them/enjoying leftovers over the course of this week, so it’s still a pretty accurate image of what I’m enjoying today.Β Again, all fit into my nutrition plan and are hopefully helping me meet my new fitness goal. And again, you can see how much the blog world continues to inspire my eats. How would I ever decide what to make if not for you ladies??

5:00am. Pancakes.

Yep, see that 5am? It was Sunday, so I slept in.

Glorious Lemon Creamsicle Protein Pancakes inspired by Heather (I subbed oat flour, almond milk, flax egg and lots of lemon zest). Served with glorious vegan whipped cream inspired by me. Credit where credit is due?

8:00am. PB&J Bread Pudding.

I’ve been craving bread pudding for awhile, and I knew there had to be a way to make it fit with my nutrition plan. Lauren provided the inspiration for the bread pudding (I kept it savory with TJ’s sprouted grain bread, extra tofu in place of pumpkin and no sweetener), and I topped it with peanut flour sauce and some jam. Perfection.

11:00am. Seitan Piccata.

Featured on Monday’s MMAZ and the result of Heather making me try caperberries.

3:00pm. Refried Lentils and Mex Salad.

Black lentils! How cool, right? Saw them at Whole Foods and couldn’t resist. Cooked like black beans with cumin and chili powder and served with a side of jicama-lime salad (and classily packed in plastic for transport).

6:00pm. Fishsticks.


Vegan ones, of course. Inspired by Laura’s chick-less nuggets (I added some wakame to the mix and served them with a side of homemade vegan tartar sauce (silken tofu + chopped caperberries and caperberry juice). Spectacular. Not going to admit how many times I’ve made this now…

Bedtime. You Decide.

Err, a protein powder cupcake? Clearly, we can’t all be winners. My attempt at veganizing Anna’s protein cake was a bit of a flop. Unless you like custard and want to pretend I was trying to make custard and not a cupcake.

Best/worst eats of your Wednesday? Recommend a blogger recipe?