This week’s Meatless Monday A to Z posed a challenge…dates? Fruit is fairly limited with my nutrition plan, and I used my cheat meal for some Ethiopian fabulousness with the family this weekend (and may or may not have put away enough injera for at least two people).

Ohh, Heather, please don’t kick me out of the MMAZ club for this, but instead of cooking with dates? I cooked with AΒ date.

(Yes, old picture.) My best guy friend is a primal-eating dude (I believe I have used the moniker Primal Paul for him in the past, so let’s stick with that), and our supposedly at-odds diets always pose a fun cooking challenge. Rather than make one dish to suit both of us, I found one meal that could easily be adapted to our different eating styles. Both dishes started with a cabbage “pizza crust” spun off of Laura’s cauliflower pizza (and yes, you CAN pick it up just like regular pizza!). My crust involved cabbage, flax seed and garbanzo/fava flour, while his involved cabbage, egg and almond flour.

I topped mine with tomato and TVP-based homemade sausage, he topped his with more egg. His also involved bacon, but have you ever told a guy, “No, wait, don’t eat that bacon yet, I have to take a picture”? Yeah, it doesn’t work so well.

So there you have it, what I cooked with a date. I promise I won’t cheat too much next round…