Sometimes you just wake up on the wrong side of the bed. The wrong side of the bed, and with hair that looks like this:

And when that happens you just know it ain’t gonna be a pretty day. Deal with poor photos, disgruntled attitude, and overall unnecessary combativeness. Because we all have those days.

Breakfast #1. 4 am.

Mostly finished bowl of quinoa and not cheese, just poorly lighted peanut sauce. With frozen strawberries. I hate frozen strawberries. But I had picked everything else out of my bag of frozen mixed fruit. Dammit.

Breakfast #2. 7:30 am.

Brown stuff in a cup. Deal with it. (Protein powder, oats and some other crap.)

Lunch #1. 10 am.

Brown stuff in plastic tupperware. Deal with it. (Seitan, eggplant, peanut flour and not nearly enough sriracha to get me through the morning.)

Lunch #2. 1 pm.

Spicy tempeh-stuffed peppers. They looked uglier after baking/shoving in tupperware.

Dinner #1. 4 pm.

Tofu scramblers with mushrooms and tomatoes. I didn’t take a picture. It looked like tofu scramblers.

Dinner #2. 7 pm.

I didn’t want it. I didn’t eat it. Be that way.

Dessert. 8 pm.

Protein dough/paste stuff. Except I ran out of chocolate pea protein powder. Vanilla rice protein isn’t even sort of a close sub. It was like eating overflavored grit. Perfect ending to a cruddy day.

Ever have those days where you feel like an angry two-year-old for absolutely no reason? I just wanted to shout “NUH-UH” in response to the world and then throw a temper tantrum on the floor. Why aren’t adults allowed to do that?