Since I’m full of accomplishments lately, it’s time to make room for more with some goals.

Buy a sofa already.

As much fun as living like a vagrant is, it’s been five months since I bought my place. It’s time to own a sofa. Or at least a comfy chair. And hang a picture or two.


Or, at the very least, stop buying new books. It doesn’t help that I have a free month’s worth of Amazon Prime. 2-day free shipping? Why yes, do please keep sending me things.

Sit up straight.

I don’t know where my posture went, but I’m a regular Slouchy McGee these days.

Sign up for an art class.

Pottery, more specifically. Due to general clumsiness, my ugly homemade mug collection has suffered a disastrous rate of attrition.

Keep hitting the gym.

I like making one goal that’s really easy to keep…

Enjoy the (2-day) weekend.

And glare angrily at everyone that gets holidays off. (Just kidding! Happy Labor Day to all you folks who get a 3-day weekend!)

Goals? Labor Day plans? Tell me about the good stuff coming up in your life!

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