While some of y’all got a day off yesterday, I got things done. Just when you thought I couldn’t get any more productive than last week…I got more productive. You know, as far as me and productivity goes. I set a low bar for myself.

(And I also accomplished forgetting that I have a guest post for Emily today, so make sure to go check that–and Emily’s lovely, intelligent and creative blog–out!)

1. I found my quads.

I was scratching my leg yesterday and realized…I could feel my quads. Through my jeans. I’ve always had skinny legs with lumpy knees, but now I have skinny legs with lumpy knees and baby quads! My hard work at the gym is paying off, and I’m beginning to actually see/feel results!

2. I made a key lime pie.

…smoothie, that is.

Laura continues to be amazing and may  have created the most delicious recipe ever. And to think I thought it couldn’t get any better than her oatmeal cookie dough shake.

3. I made bacon. Two kinds of bacon.

And served it up with some herbed wild rice.

Heather’s MMAZ from last week gave me the idea for what I should do with the massive amounts of eggplant in my garden, but I couldn’t give up on regular tempeh bacon either. So it was eggplant-and-tempeh bacon-palooza for lunch this weekend.

4. I shopped for furniture.

And bought something.

I may have had a goal to buy a sofa this weekend…but a funky serving bowl is sort of the same thing, right? It was $600 cheaper, if nothing else…

6. I stayed right on my grocery budget.

Budget: $40. Amount spent: $40.02.

7. I ate a sponge.

I give up, I cannot bake with protein powder. I made another attempt at a protein powder cupcake/muffin thing, and it went in the exact opposite direction from last time. It tasted, looked like, and felt like eating a sponge. *sigh* I’ll just go make another key lime pie…

What are you accomplishing this week?