Fact #1: It’s not Friday.

But it’s my Friday. Okay, I work tomorrow, but I get to do so remotely while I house-sit in isolated hermit-like goodness.

Fact #2: My parents are pretty cool. For parents.

Although I sometimes have to spend an hour explaining the difference between “real Internet” and “phone Internet” to them, other times (like this morning) I have to wake up at 3am to take them to the airport. So they can jet to Ecuador and spend two weeks motorcycling around the country. I couldn’t talk them into a sidecar, but at least I get to scoot around in their Mini. That’s almost like international travel.

Fact #3: I’m considerably less cool than my parents.

I requested that my mom knit me a vest with a moose on it. She knit me a vest with a moose on it. I am wearing at my place of employment right now. Moose-tastic.

Fact #4: I love my chickens.

But they seriously need to get down to egg-laying business, or I am going to have to revise that statement.

Fact #5: New food is fun.

I tried a single serve pack of Olympian Labs chocolate pea protein and then immediately had to buy a whole tub. It arrived yesterday–just in time to make Alexandra’s amazing Frozen Protein Pudding. Holy. Cow. (Moose?)

Facts from your life? Try a new food recently?