If you didn’t notice yesterday, I made a few changes to my subpages and sidebar. Because who doesn’t want to look at that stunning and flattering picture of me that’s now on the side? The pages are still a work in progress, but who/what isn’t?

The weather has changed. I unhappily woke up to 55 degree weather (and then promptly curled back up in my chipmunk-like pile of blankets and refused to get out of bed) and skipped the gym out of anger at the cold (yes, weather, feel my wrath!). Please, 90 degree summer, come back. I think I might cry. And drown my sorrows in even more hot tea than usual.

Food and Identity

I guess this change is really the reason I’m blogging today. This is a hard thing for me to type, much less do:

I’m experimenting with being a little less vegan. I have been having a lot of discomfort accompanying the increase in legume-consumption I’ve done to meet my fitness goals. Despite eating differently for over a month now, my body hasn’t adjusted. I leave work every day with major stomach pain and bloating (tmi?) following my two lunches that usually include lentils or beans. And, right now, my training is my passion more than my vegan pursuits. I’ve based part of my identity on “vegan” for years now, but seeing myself as “weightlifter” means more at the moment. I don’t plan on giving up vegetarian or eating cheese or milk, but I’ve added eggs (and nope, not from my lazy bum refuse-to-lay chickens) to my daily diet and have had a few Greek yogurts. There’s certainly a lot of guilt/mixed feelings regarding this decision, but I think it’s the right one for me.

Have you had to make a hard diet/lifestyle change? How did you handle it?