I wasn’t planning on a WIAW (or any) post today, as I didn’t think I’d feel comfortable enough to be honest about my eats. But of course the blog world surprises me again. I can’t believe you guys–the responses I got yesterday to my announcement about my change in diet were amazing, supportive, encouraging and helped me come to terms with the fact that I really am doing what is best for me and my body at this time. It may be cheesy to say (okay, okay, it is cheesy to say)–but those comments mean so much to me, especially at a time when I’m struggling with conflicting emotions regarding my choices.

So my lack of preparedness means cruddy phone pictures in poor lighting, but I want to share my day of eats anyway–including a few non-vegan meals. And it all lines up with Jen’s WIAW theme for the monthfalling into good habits. The good habit of not limiting yourself to food rules just because. The good habit of eating the foods that work for you. Not the ones you think should work for you, that you want to have work for you, or that work for someone else.

Breakfast: EGGS

Two egg whites and one egg beat together with oatmeal and cooked in a pan. It may sound odd, but it was delicious and I love the combination of the two textures.

Morning Drinks

Coffee, lime BCAA-ade and a morning vanilla-hemp-banana-protein shake. There was going to be a workout in the middle of there, but these are yesterday’s eats, and you may remember I mentioned thinking it was a better idea to curl back up in blankets than actually be productive 😉

Lunch: VEGAN

Okra, homemade faux-chicken, and nutritional yeast sauce for dunkage.

Dinner: DAIRY

I came home to new sneakers and knew there was no way I was going to stay away from the gym. I quickly fueled up with a butternut squash filled with greek yogurt, peanut flour and cinnamon.

Dinner #2: VEGAN

I didn’t pause to snap a pic (hungry!), but after my post-workout protein drink I made a big stir fry with TSP, almonds, hazelnuts, spinach and turnips. Yup, turnips.

Dessert: VEGAN

I whipped up my absolute favorite protein powder–Olympian Labs Pea Protein in chocolate (nope, no one has ever paid me money or given me free stuff, I just really like this product)–with some almond butter and almond milk. So simple, so quick, so holy cow delicious.

And all day yesterday? Absolutely no stomach pain. And I came home with tons of energy–I never work out in the afternoons and was just going to write the day off as a rest day, but my body had other plans!

What “diet” works best for you? What food agree/don’t agree with you? Do you label your diet?