I’ve had the opportunity to spend the past two weekends in my old stomping grounds in the country–and get my extra-Tennessee on. I sometimes forget my roots, what with living in a city now and all. So what do you do when you’re a country gal?

You dig sweet potatoes.

Barefoot. And get a sunburn in the process. That bad Mama-jama in the middle? Weighs 54 oz. That’s enough sweet potato in one sweet potato for two weeks of sweet potato. Sweet potato.

You hide when someone knocks on the door.

Because you don’t feel like putting on pants. (Okay, the really Southern thing would be to answer the door pantless, but remember, I do live in the city most of the time.) (Although I’ll also note that I hid in a closet full of pants.)

You fall asleep to the soothing sounds of gunshots.

And wake up to find this poor baby wandering right outside your window.

You buy a lot of collard greens.

And you eat those collard greens. (1) 4lbs of collard greens (they were on sale, okay??) (2) poached egg over steamed collards (thanks to the lovely Lindsay for the idea) (3) homemade wasabi-pepper vegan “chicken” over collards and (4) collards with “cheesy” squash.

And make sure you enjoy them with a glass of iced tea at your side–although I showed my city-fication again and drank unsweetened tea. (The Southern-life travesty!)

You get hit on at the gym.

By the dad of someone who was in your high school class. After he first establishes he is the dad of someone who was in your high school class.


Are you proud of your roots?

What the heck do I do with my remaining 3.75lbs of collard greens??