You know what this morning was? 45 degrees. You know what makes me happy? Not that. But these colder mornings do mean I get to make a WIAW dedicated to fall breakfasts–and to the peanut butter people who have inspired them! (And thank goodness it’s a good habit to eat breakfast–because there’s no way you’re keeping me away from food in the morning.)

Does anything taste sweeter than sweet potatoes you dug up yourself? A protein-ified version of Kylie’s sweet potato-peanut butter freezer cookies do.

Does anything taste better than a tart, crisp, local apple? Using those apple to (finally) make Laura’s famous PB&Aggs.

Does anything complement apples better than peanut butter? Sarah’s peanut butter pancakes with microwave-baked apples.

Does anything look prettier than hot pink peanut flour-beet-banana-omelets inspired by Katie’s banana omelets? Yes. But dang, these taste good.

And don’t think I don’t have ten (twenty) more breakfast ideas bookmarked.

Have a great breakfast recipe to share? Would you eat a hot pink omelet?