I mentioned Monday that I’ve been hanging out in a rut as of late, and of course you guys had some great advice!

  • Faith said her tattoos are the result of being in a rut. I went with painting my nails.
  • Ed suggested a rock-climbing class. I took a bodypump class this morning for a break from my usual routine.
  • Alexandra reminded me of my passion and fire. Yes, I most certainly have not lost my passion, rut or no!
  • Karina uses ruts as a time to rest/take a break. Nothing wrong with stepping away from the kitchen for the week.
  • Khushboo suggested focusing on other hobbies. I haven’t been spending nearly enough time reading, so it’s time to go book shopping.I’ve also come up with lots of ideas for decorating my house.
  • Fran talked about the importance of a plan and Alex suggested setting challenges for myself. I challenged myself to put together my own 5-day split workout plan and stick to it. I have no idea what I’m doing. But that’s why it’s fun. See? Fun.

So I have to admit–I’m already swinging out of my rut. I’m excited to get back to the gym and lift, I’m already planning what I want to cook this weekend, I’m excited to make some changes around the house, and I’m excited to get some new books. EXCITEMENT. And since I am not cooking creatively this week, my WIAW is easy-peasy.

Breakfast #1: PB&Jeggs&Oats

(Boo fall kitchen lighting.) Laura’s PB&Jeggs combined with my eggs&oats. It’s like a really messy, deconstructed PB&J sandwich. This is a rut I’m okay with.

Breakfast #2: A Shake in Some Shade of Brown

Protein powder, oatmeal or sweet potato, flavor and spices. Blend and drink.

Lunch #1: Spaghetti Squash and Sauce

The last of the tomatoes from my garden sauced up with fresh garden basil and TVP, scooped over spaghetti squash.

Lunch #2: “Chicken” with Pepper Puree

Homemade fake “chicken” with lots of Mrs. Dash Fiesta Lime (newest obsession–and I thought the regular Mrs. Dash was amazing) and a cumin-flavored cauliflower and roasted pepper puree. Tex-mex-ilicious.

Dinner: Yogurt and Stuff from the Fridge

Greek yogurt, whatever veggies are leftover in the fridge and a healthy fat. Covered with sriracha, mustard or salsa. Or a combination of all three

Dessert: Chocolate Amazingness.

Much like breakfast, this is a rut I’m okay with. Chocolate Olympian Pea Protein (one of my faves) whipped up into a dough-like fluff with almond butter and almond milk.


What are your current food ruts? What book should I read next? Any decorating tips? Can I ask more random questions?