So I was going to put together this whole on-topic post about my favorite healthy treats/desserts…and then forgot my camera (and pictures of said items) at home. So you get a (brand new) iPhone (…4s…Thanks, the ONE button on my old iPhone for crapping out) WIAW, featuring some pretty standard/non-exciting eats.


I kept it simple this morning. TJ’s sprouted whole grain toast with egg whites. And a really depressing book. Who doesn’t want to start their morning with tales of Nigerian child-soldiery?

Morning Drinks and Oats

Pre-workout: BCAAs and coffee (NOT mixed together, separate drinks…)

Post-workout: Vega protein followed by a big bowl of fall-spiced oatmeal.


Lunch One: Spaghetti squash, snap peas and “ground beef” with lots of nutritional yeast on top.

Lunch Two: Indian-spiced collard greens (yes, I still have collard greens left), beets and turnips with silken tofu.


I’m planning on eating this every night this week…Spicy peanut-tomato soup with poached eggs and TSP “croutons.” Delicious bowl of warm yum for chilly, rainy days.


There’s at least one healthy treat featured here. And yes, it looks a whole lot like my breakfast setup. Almond-chocolate protein mousse with a hot mug of sleepy time tea.

What do you do while you eat? Read? Blog? Watch TV? Actually focus on eating?