Since I’m excited about THREE THINGS this weekend, I found a little three things survey to fill in.

Three Ways I Am Still a Kid
1. Barefoot. Any time it is even mildly acceptable to not wear shoes, I will not wear shoes.
2. Grumpy. I get grumpy and stubborn when hungry or sleepy. And if I’m both? I will throw a tantrum.
3. Messy. I can’t eat without spilling something somewhere. Usually multiple times. I need a bib.

Three Ways I Am Already Old
1. Schedule. I get up really early–because I like to.
2. Crafts. Hand me the yarn, I’m about to get my crochet on.
3. Prunes. They are actually really good.

Three of My Everyday Essentials
1. Eggs. Wow, life changed quickly.
2. Hair elastics. It’s ponytail or nothin’.
3. Tea. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, all day at the office.

Three Ways I’m a Stereotypical “Boy”
1. Gym rat. I lift weights, bro!
2. Bugs. I’ll touch them, pick them up, squish them: No big deal.
3. Hygiene. Okay, so I shower regularly (usually…), but when it comes to wearing that same outfit a few too many times without washing it? It happens.

Three Ways I’m a Stereotypical “Girl”
1. Pink. I like it. I wear it. I’ll (eventually) paint my bathroom it.
2. Cooking. You’re not going to keep me out of the kitchen. Or the grocery store.
3. Driving. I don’t like it, I’m bad at it, and don’t even think about asking me to parallel park.

Three Things I Just Can’t Do
1. Oatmeal. I can’t not boil oatmeal over in the microwave.
2. Rice. Half of it is burnt, the other half is a wet mess, I have to throw out the pan because it will never get clean again. How does anyone cook rice?
3. This would have said, “Make an omelet.” But last night? Giant omelet success! I’m so proud of myself.

And the best for last!

THREE THINGS That Are Happening This Weekend

1. Atlanta. Getting out of my city for the weekend and meeting up with Laura!
2. Atlanta. Getting in a real legs day and some official posing practice!
3. Atlanta. Food! Dinner out on Saturday, Taste of Atlanta on Sunday!


Tell me three of your things!