True Story #1

My weekend in Atlanta with Laura was amazing.

She is so sweet, warm and welcoming (and strong, of course), and, despite beginning my stay by getting myself trapped in a parking garage (I’ve mentioned I’m a bit awkward, right?), it was a perfect trip.

True Story #2

After a killer leg workout with her trainer, my buns hurt.

Lunges, squats, legs presses and ham curls–and all with way more weight than I’ve ever attempted on my own.Β Talking (and working out) with Laura and her trainer (and posing in a bedazzled bikini) has made me even more eager to keep pushing at the gym. I can’t wait to add muscle and get up on that stage. (And if you check out Laura’s post about our weekend, you can sneak a peek at that shiny bikini and the aforementioned buns…)

True Story #3

We ate a lot of good food (And, perhaps more importantly, I found my new favorite beer–Dragon’s Milk Ale. Now to find a way to work that regularly into my training diet…)

Despite spending an entire day wandering Taste of Atlanta and sampling aΒ  little bit of everything (including an amazing banana and nutella crepe), I have to say that the vegan breakfast sandwich from Dough Bakery was my favorite.

True Story #4

I’m already planning my next trip to Atlanta. Think Laura will mind if I just move in with her?