I have to decide if I hate colder weather, or merely strongly dislike it.

It IS an excuse to spend my evenings with hot drinks and a good book. But it also makes me want to crawl into bed and lay there in a depressed stupor until spring.

I have to decide if fall makes me extra-tacky, or just tacky enough.

It’s knee socks season!

I have to decide if I like Halloween kitsch, or LOVE Halloween kitsch.

An excuse to play with my food (and steal Kristina’s pepper jack idea), put up fake spiderwebbing, watch kids trick or treating, and wear wacky outfits (aka “costumes”)? This is my holiday season.

I have to decide if I want squash with every meal or just most of my meals.

That pepper jack? Stuffed with butternut squash. The dinner I posted yesterday? Acorn squash. Last night’s dinner? Fried egg and spaghetti squash. I’ll leave the pumpkin for you pumpkin-likers out there, and save the trifecta of tastiness for myself.

I have to decide where to go next with my training.

Never mind, that’s been decided–and I am beyond excited. I’ll keep you in suspense–Look for an update tomorrow.

I have to decide if I want to stay safe, or become independent.

What? Oh, my blog that is. I’m pondering a switch to self-hosting and a real domain name.


What’s your favorite squash?

Are you self-hosted? Thoughts, advice, recommendations?