I promised a fitness update yesterday, so I better deliver. With more than an update on my current workout playlist. (A two-song loop of Gangnam Style and a dubstep Remix of “This Is Halloween,” in case you were wondering. My taste in music is impeccable.)

If you don’t know by now, I’ve been focusing on the goal of building muscle and working towards a figure competition. And now? I’m moving a few steps closer. I got to put on the bikini and get on a stage last weekend–but that wasn’t even the most exciting part. The best part was meeting with Laura’s trainer, Steve. This man knows his stuff. And as of yesterday? He’s agreed to work with me! This means that A. I’ll get to see Laura more often, and B. I’ll get in-person training and posing practice–and some extra accountability to push at the gym when I know my gains (or lack thereof) will be noticed.

I love the progress I’ve made and strength I’ve gained with strictly on-line resources, but I’ve plateaued at what I can build on my own. I also have a specific goal on the horizon now–to be competition-ready by March! I don’t expect to take home any prizes, but I’d love to compete for the experience and the fun of it. Yes, I think months of dedicating myself to the gym followed by weeks of semi-starvation and dehydration leading up to prancing about in a fake tan and barely-there sequined thong to show off myΒ hard work is fun. You can judge if you want to, I completely understand. But I’m going to do it anyway πŸ˜‰

So, things are going to be changing soon–at least in terms of nutrition and fitness. In the meantime, here’s a little run-down of what this week looked like for me.

  • Monday: Chest and shoulders; 50 wide-grip pull-ups (assisted); 1 mile walk
  • Tuesday: Back and shoulders; 50 wide-grip pull-ups (assisted); 2 mile walk
  • Wednesday: Glutes, calves and abs; 50 wide-grip pull-ups (assisted); 2 mile walk
  • Thursday: Rest day; 50 push-ups; 1 mile walk
  • Friday: Biceps, triceps and abs; 50 wide-grip pull-ups (assisted)

And a little peek into tomorrow’s workout: Squats, deadlifts, leg press, leg extension, walking lunges.

I’ll be visiting the family this weekend, so I’m going to drag my mom through this one. That will be worth a post all its own…

What guilty pleasures are on your workout playlist? Ever work out with family?