You know what’s hard? Eating a lot of food when you aren’t hungry. If you missed last Friday’s post, I’m working with a new trainer–and have a date for a competition. So that means it’s time to add in food–and an increase in carbs! Oops, you mean I can’t live on jars of almond butter anymore?

You know what isn’t too hard? Getting lots of protein on a vegetarian diet. 165g in this day of eats!

You know what’s random? I somehow ended up with all my meals being in/on/around blue things. I think my meal settings matched my blue lack-of-hunger levels this week.

Meal #1

Toast with scrambled eggs whites and tomato. Topped with cinnamon.

Don’t judge my flavor combos, tomato + cinnamon is amazing.

Meal #2

Cottage cheese mixed with vanilla protein powder and topped with berries and a spoonful of almond butter.

Heaven in a plastic cup.

Meal #3

Zucchini bread oatmeal.

I usually get weird looks from coworkers as I pull out  containers of strange foods all day, but this one got some positive feedback. Nothing like “fresh bread” in the morning.

Meal #4

Smokey fennel’d cabbage and baked tofu.

This one didn’t get compliments from the coworkers. I need to pick less smelly vegetables to love.

Meal #5

Indian red lentils with homemade faux-chicken and kale.

Packed and ready for the week.

Meal #6

Noochy egg whites and roasted bell pepper.

My best friend was over, and I wanted a five-minute meal so I wasn’t interrupting friend time to hang out in the kitchen. So scrambled eggs round 2.

Meal #7

Chocolate-protein fluff with frozen cherries. And sweet potato. Because carbs.

I was pretty full all day, but by the time this meal came around? I was incredibly not hungry, and even chocolate didn’t make this meal more appealing. I may or may not have not eaten half of this (oops…), and I still woke up the next morning unexcited about solid food…

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What do you do to get excited about food? Favorite source of veggie protein?