Here’s a little cheese to go with yesterday’s whine.

I Am Thankful…

That I have found my place and my passion.

I’m not going to lie, I’ve never had much direction in life. I’ve taken things as they’ve come, lived nomadically, been somewhat detached and done things/made life decisions on the spur of the moment. But suddenly I have stability (I own a house!), a passion (weightlifting!) and a long-termΒ goal (a figure competition!). It’s different, but it feels good.

That I have an amazing job that encourages me to pursue that passion.

As if my job didn’t rock enough already, my boss approved me to work remotely two Fridays a month so I can travel to ATL and train. (It helps that he’s an iron man/triathlete and takes time of his own for competitions and long runs. It doesn’t help that he often shows up in the office in teeny running shorts. Some things about your boss areΒ  better left a mystery.)

That I have amazing and supportive parents.

My dad had nothing negative to say when I broke the “I’m going to be a figure competitor” news–that’s his version of support. My mom? Immediately offered to buy a pile of (pretty expensive) supplements to help get me started. It’s not the money that matters, it’s that she leaped right in with me.

That I have an amazing and supportive best friend.

AJ puts life in perspective, gets me out of my head, calms me down, and shares my love of Vampire Diaries marathons, glitter and dorky board games. (And to prove that I’m an equally amazing friend–I was going post a horribly embarrassing picture of her tipsily holding toilet paper while standing in laundry baskets. But I didn’t.)

That I Internet “met” (and then actually met) Laura.

Laura convinced me that working towards a figure competition could happen. I never would have taken my first steps without her openness, information and encouragement. And I wouldn’t have met a fabulous friend who shares so many of my interests!

That I have Internet “met” all of you.

I can’t name everyone (Well I could, but does anyone want to read the whole list?), but everyone who has left supportive/encouraging/”you can do it” comments rocks. Seriously. These really do mean so much!

For so much more.

Okay, I promise it’s back to food and fitness tomorrow, I just had to take a moment and send a big thank you to…everything. Life just feels right. I’m loving the people in my life, enjoying my hobbies and pursuing my goals–And having a blast doing it all.

Share some cheese with me–What are you thankful for/what’s good in your life?