Wonderful Weekend

I spent a second Wonderful Weekend in Atlanta, hanging out with fabulous people, getting in a killer leg session with my trainer, and eating good food. Laura continues to be an amazing host, smart and lovely lady and great friend. (You can read more about our foodie/blogger adventures in her post today).

And while I get funny looks when I say I’m making a 3.5+ hr drive every other weekend or so, I have to admit I really like the “commute.” It’s peaceful “me” time where I’m forced to just relax–I can’t be multi-tasking and dashing around like a madwoman. Plus, the fall view was spectacular.

And occasionally hilarious. Gas + beer + fireworks? What could possibly go wrong?

I love the South.

Meatless Monday

Since I already miss Atlanta (again), I spent yesterday evening recreating a favorite from my first trip to the big(ger) city. Laura and I hit up the vegan Dough Bakery and got an egg-and-meat-free sausage-and-egg biscuit.

The fake “egg” was spectacular, and the cook was awesome enough to hint at how it was done. So I gave it a go, and made my own “huevos y frijoles.” Tofu “egg” with spicy black lentil “black beans.” It’s no Dough Bakery breakfast sandwich, but it will tide me over until the next trip.

And since this came out so delicious (and because this week’s Meatless Monday: A to Z ingredient was kale), I packed up the extras with some jalapeno-lime kale for my lunches this week. Is it lunchtime yet?

Ever try to recreate a restaurant favorite? How’d it go?