One of my goals for the month was to try a new food every week. While I meant try a new, whole food like, you know, a vegetable, grain or fruit, this month has ended up being so hectic that it’s been the perfect month for trying a new product every week instead.

Disclaimer: Protein drinks and bars are not real food replacements. I try to use whole ingredients as often as possible, but I like having options for post-workout supplements, slightly-better-for-you treats and on-the-go desperation.

Disclaimer #2: Nope, no company has ever contacted me/given me stuff (and some of them never will after this post…) I got these items, ate these items, and will tell you my opinion about ’em.

New Product #1

Strawberry Cheesecake Quest Bar

I…didn’t like it. Really didn’t like it. You’ve probably seen everyone raving about these bars (and they do have pretty good stats/ingredients). But…it smelled like chemicals, tasted like bland nothing with a vague hint of fake strawberry and was textured like tough and chewy dirt (yeah, I don’t know how they managed that, either). I hear Quest Bars are delicious warmed up, but honestly, I’m not willing to spend $2 or less to buy another and try.

New Food #2

Chocolate CorePower

Lindsay was kind enough to share this product with me. It tastes like rich, real dark chocolate milk. The sugar content (although 11g is certainly not bad–and is arguably better than fake sugars) will keep this from being a regular post-workout (or early morning with my coffee) treat, but I thoroughly enjoyed this bottle and will keep an eye out for more.

New Food #3

Strawberries & Cream GNC Lean Shake

Laura sent me home from Atlanta with this bottle. Remember Strawberry Nesquik? That’s exactly what it tastes like. So if you have a craving for fake-strawberry-flavored-sweet-milk, this will hit the spot (and I don’t mean that in a bad way, there is room for strawberry-milky-childhood-goodness in every life), but it’s not something you could drink regularly without getting kinda sick of.

New Food #4

Cookies n’ Cream Whey Power

This was a free sample included in my box after I bought some protein powder from It definitely tastes like cookies n’ cream, but I’m not sure how I feel about chugging sickeningly sweet melted vanilla ice cream with weird crispy “cookie” bits after my workout. It’s not exactly the flavor/texture I’m craving…

New Food #5

Vanilla Creme Muscle Milk Lite

This product rocks when used as coffee creamer (for bad office coffee–I’ll drink my good coffee black, please) and tastes excellent on it’s own as well. It’s not sickeningly sweet or tongue-cloyingly “creamy” like some products, and it has a good vanilla flavor without being VANILLA. It’s my favorite on this list in terms of taste and texture, but it’s also the lowest in protein (and close to the priciest).

What’s your favorite protein-to-go?

What real whole food should I add to my “try it” list for next month?