Let’s talk numbers. It’s tacky to talk about money? It costs too much to eat healthy? Being on a high-protein vegetarian diet is expensive? I disagree.

I’m cheap. I won’t deny it. I budget, shop for deals and hoard money like a money-hoarding-machine. But it doesn’t affect my health. You can buy good, organic, whole, protein-filled veggie foods for not that much. And if you aren’t eating seven meals a day, do shop at regular grocery stores and don’t use protein powders to hit mega-protein goals (175g in this day!), you can do it for way less than me.

Meal #1: $0.83

Eggs n’ squash. Photographed BC (before cinnamon) and AC (after cinnamon).

Four Trader Joe’s eggs: $0.83. HomegrownΒ butternut squash: free.

Meal #2: $1.79

Chocolate-almond-berry shake. No picture, because it looks like brown poo in a cup. But tastes like heaven.

Olympian Labs Chocolate Pea Protein: $1.09. Maranatha almond butter: $0.20. Trader Joe’s mixed berries: $0.50.

Meal #3: $1.45

Same as last week: Zucchini bread oatmeal.

Trader Joe’s zucchini: $0.38. Quaker oats: $0.07. RAW protein: $0.93. Organic golden flax: $0.07.

Meal #4: $0.98

TVP with broccoli and cauliflower, drowned in an amazing homemade Thai-ginger-spice peanut sauce.

Bob’s TVP: $0.23. Trader Joe’s veggies: $0.50. Protein plus peanut flour: $0.25.

Meal #5: $1.17

As seen in Monday’s post: Tofu “egg” with Mexican black lentils and jalapeno-lime kale.

Whole Foods organic tofu: $0.54. Whole Foods organic black lentils: $0.27. Trader Joe’s kale: $0.36.

Meal #6: $1.81

This was an on-the-go, didn’t-get a-picture meal, but I dumped some sauteed garlicky-mushrooms into a bowl of cottage cheese. And topped it with sriracha.

Organic cottage cheese: $1.15. Trader Joe’s mushrooms: $0.66.

Meal #7: $0.70

Greek yogurt mashed with sweet potato and a swirl of maple syrup. And perhaps a little more cinnamon.

Oikos Greek yogurt: $0.70. Homegrown sweet potato: free.


Even with seven meals, organic items, Whole Foods products and goofily expensive protein powder.

To compare, I asked my coworker what he spent on lunch. He went to Panera (Mmm, Panera…) and spent $8.52 on one meal.

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Do you budget? Do you find it’s expensive to eat healthy/vegetarian? What are some of your favorite cheap meals?