One of my goals for October was to try a few new recipes from around the blog world. I meant visit some new blogs, branch out, explore my options. But, much like my “try new foods” goal, I was limited by a hectic schedule and found myself revisiting some favorite bloggers who I can count on for good food that will also fit into my high-protein training nutrition plan.

Cherry-Topped Orange-Coffee Pancakes

First and foremost, I apologize to Heather, taker of some of the most mouth-wateringly amazing food photographs, for this horribly ugly version of her tiramisu pancakes. I ran out of baking powder, but what can I say? I wasn’t going to let a little thing like that stop me.

I used orange-flavored coffee to make these, and combined with rich dark cherries and maple syrup? Heaven. They may not look so pretty, but I loved the intense flavor and dense texture that resulted. But could I expect anything less from a Kiss My Broccoli pancake recipe? Nope.

TVP Oats

Since Laura and I have pretty similar training and nutrition plans (well, except for her insane pre-competition week this week), I know I can count on her to post delicious and protein-ful recipes. My current favorite? TVP Oatmeal.

I made her pumpkin pie TVP oatmeal this weekend (except, you know, with sweet potatoes. Because I’m a blogger oddity who doesn’t like pumpkin.) Warm creamy “oatmeal”…with protein!

Ricotta Cake

I pretty much want to make every recipe Sarah posts (if I can stop making her peanut butter pancakes long enough to do so). Last week I whipped up a single-serving version of her pumpkin pie ricotta cake

…Except got rid of that pumpkin stuff once again and made an apple pie ricotta cake instead.


And in case you were wondering if “suffering” through all these high protein recipes was worth it (okay, these recipes and a few pullups), I’m starting to see a difference in my back and shoulders!

It’s gradual, and it may be psychological, but I’mΒ sure there’s progress being made…

What are some must-try recipes from your or a favorite blogger’s blog? I need ideas for next month!