Feel the (Good) Burn

felt the burn at the gym yesterday–and apparently my chest has finally become something guys notice. Er, chest muscles that is. I’m still built like a 13-year-old boy.

After pressing 30lb dumbbells (a new PR!), I sat up and noticed the (significantly larger than me and in decent shape) guy on the bench next to me was looking my way. He was doing dumbbell presses as well. He looked at my 30lb weights, looked at his 40lbs weights, looked back at my weights, and said, “Well, fuck.” That’s me, Allie, putting guys to shame! You weigh twice as much as me but can only move 10lbs more? Heck yeah.

Feel the Burn (Out)

While I am damn proud of the weight I can move and the progress I’m seeing, that nutrition plan I follow? Err, I got a little burnt out this weekend. Turns out that thinking so strictly about food/meals/etc. is exhausting. But you know what? There’s wiggle room in every life, and I’m no bastion of perfection (nor do I want to be). Getting strong doesn’t require giving up the fun stuff.

Because sometimes you use your weekly “free meal” to eat a box (Yup, a box. Don’t let me near your cereal.) of gourmet banana-chocolate-chip granola. And then that cream cheese muffin at the Whole Food’s bakery is calling your name. And then it’s Saturday night and you could make a real meal, but instead you get your carbs in liquid form. And there is nothing wrong with any of that. Balance. I’m working on it…

Feel the (Real) Burn

It turns out ovens are hot. Go figure.

Ouch. I blame it on a surprisingly heavy pan of squash. Yes, I lift weights, yes, a pan of squash was heavy enough to make me knock my arm into the oven door. Let’s not judge…

How do you balance eating right/thinking right?

Do you like showing up the boys? In whatever category you choose! Video games, academics, inappropriate commentary…let me know how you knock ’em dead!