Just when you feel worn out, worn down, and tired of it all…You learn you’ve maxed out on PTO accrual, and your boss forces you take tomorrow off. Whoops?

Just when you feel broke, maxed out budget-wise and unable to treat yourself to anything…You win $50 in your office costume party for dressing up like Hulk Hogan.

And tomorrow is paycheck Friday. I am just tacky enough to talk about money.

Just when you’ve given up on ever having home-grown (laid?) eggs…You finally find a special something in your chicken coop!

Guess what? (Came from a) Chicken butt!

Since there is nothing sweeter than a surprise day off, I’ll be, well, taking it off. Enjoy your weekends, and make sure you wish Laura good luck with her first figure competition on Saturday! I can’t wait to be on the stage with her in March, but for now? I’m there in spirit!

Plans for the weekend? What makes your day just when you need it?