So, it may be almost a week into November, but it’s never too late for a good goal recap and resetting. I’m pretty much keeping the same goals as last month, with a few adjustments.

The Fitness

  • Stretch every day. I’m carrying this over from last month. While I didn’t stretch every day…or every other day…I did manage a good five or six stretches over the course of the month. Something’s better than nothing, right?
  • Focus on my posture. This one is ongoing. Until I find a job that lets me work out/walk around/cook all day instead of sit at a table and stare at a screen.
  • Stay on track with my fitness competition goals. Last month I found a trainer, set a potential competition date and started following a new nutrition plan. So this month? All I have to do is stick with it!

The Female

  • Buy a sofa. IΒ  bought shelves last month instead. Close? Closer than the bowl I bought the month before. I may even get as close as a nice potted plant this month.
  • Get creative once a week. I completely failed at doing this last month, but it was pretty much my only completeΒ goal-failure, so onwards and upwards! I just bought some yarn and a crochet hook, so stay tuned for crafting adventures.
  • Read more. I gave up some of the time I’d been wasting enjoying on Instagram, because while I love IG, I need to step away from technology at least a few hours a day. I’d much rather spend time relaxing with a hot mug of tea and a good book. (But don’t expect me to completely give up social media any time soon. Moderation. Sounds so simple, right?)

The Food

  • Stay motivated. My dedication to eating right tends to peter out at the end of the week–I need to find a way to stay interested/excited about my nutrition plan as the week goes on. Hopefully the following two (ongoing) goals will help with that.
  • Try a new food each week. I sort of accomplished this last month.
  • Try a new blog-found recipe each week. This goal was a tasty success last month, so let’s do it again!

Did you set any goals this month?