You can’t be good at everything, and I’m just plain bad at some things:

Remembering to take photos for WIAW. I managed to take pictures my breakfasts this week. But that’s it. And is even less impressive when you realize I eat the same bowl of Greek yogurt + squash + cinnamon + maple syrup every morning. Why did I need pictures of each one? At least it involves healthy fall foods.

Not picking at scabs. Darn it, how does anyone resist?? I swear I’m older than six. But I really need to duct tape some oven mitts to my hands.

Not buying tea. Again, darn it, how does anyone resist??

Winter. But this year I’m prepared! We’ll see if there’s any truth to these benefits-of-sun-lamps rumors.

Returning Redbox movies. Put on pants and leave the house, or pay another $1.31 to keep it a second night and not put on pants?

Dressing myself. The moose vest rides again! As before, I swear I’m older than six. But hand-knitted goodies from my mom? Give me the (literal) warm-and-fuzzies.

There’s nothing wrong with being bad at something–What’s one skill you just don’t have?